Replacing Roofing Disasters
& Roof Repair

Complete roof replacements, roof repair and replacing and fixing roofing disasters, is what we do at Canadian Roofing Systems.

Looks can be deceiving. Below is an example of a seven year old steel roof installed over asphalt shingles.  The problem is installing steel over already failing asphalt product holds condensation and moisture builds up in the rotting material, causing surface mould and deck decay. With the proper knowledge of your home and roofing underlays, this roof repair disaster could have been avoided and your hard earned money saved and not wasted. The end result of this was a complete removal of the steel roofing and shingles and new roof deck installed, followed by a new roofing system, installed right the first time.

Our gallery below, shows you what you can’t see.

Any damage to your roof can impact the value and integrity of your home. Few investments are as important as the roof of your home, the roof over your head. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Whether you have a roof leak or missing shingles, we can help. Canadian Roofing Systems is the solution to your roofing problems. Our employees are trained to repair residential roofing.

If you need residential roofing repair, contact us today.